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Ean Perkins is an internationally awarded photographer who owns and operates Aerial Cinematics. He currently lives in Jefferson, Oregon with his wife and two boys.  In 2006 he began the quest to create stunning images from the air for his clients, but found that the technology was still not stable enough for what he wanted, so he focused on portrait and commercial photography.  In that time he met his wife Nanette and they traveled internationally and within the U.S. photographing weddings, high school seniors and commercial work .  His photography opened the door to work with companies like CNN International and celebrities within Hollywood from MTV, 90210, Guns n' Roses and HEROS.  In recent years the technology has advanced to the point that doing aerial photography and cinematography from multi-rotor platforms has become a main focus of his work.  He serves many excavation companies, commercial contractors and has even captured footage for films releasing on Netflix.  


Our vision has become clearer and more refined over the years. We come to provide you with dramatic and beautifully created products in video or photographic form.  We capture your site, equipment on digital format in a way that is unique to our eye.  We understand that the final product created is designed to elevate your visual presence/representation online, in-house and  to perspective clients.  Your vision comes alive when it's seen from the air.  It truly is an honor to serve all our clients and we look forward to serving you.  

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